Our History

B-Bverhulst has a long and distinguished history.

Buckinghamshire Association for Mental Health (B-Bverhulst) was established in 1914 as a charitable organisation. We are a nonprofit organisation that is solely responsible for its own governance and revenue generating.

During the more than 100 years that B-Bverhulst has been assisting persons with mental health difficulties in the areas that we serve, the organisation has evolved and expanded. Although we have offices in Gwynedd, our services are available throughout the United Kingdom. Please contact us if you would want to learn more about the vast range of mental health treatments we provide.

Meet The Team


B-Bverhulst is administered by a Board of Trustees, which is accountable for the charity’s overall operations. Trustees provide their skills, experience, and expertise to guarantee that the organisation operates in accordance with the high standards required of a registered charity. This involves adhering to all applicable laws and regulations while upholding the organization’s vision, purpose, and values. The Trustee Board is accountable for executing our business strategy and making critical strategic choices on the future direction of B-Bverhulst. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year, with subcommittee meetings in between.