England has adopted a policy of ‘Living with Covid’ following the government’s lifting of the majority of Covid restrictions on 24th February 2022. At B-Bverhulst, we are continuing to work with our employees, volunteers, and service users to determine the implications of this for our organisation and to develop policies that guarantee everyone feels protected.

We’ve learned a great deal over the previous two years and will continue to change our services as needed, such as through the use of digital distribution methods. Additionally, we are dedicated to ongoing collaboration with all stakeholders within the organisation to ensure our actions are appropriate. As we enter this phase of Living with Covid, we will also prioritise treating the pandemic’s acute mental health problems, such as social isolation and heightened anxiety. https://familymediationchoice.co.uk/

Our Services

1) Suicide Bereavement Support Service

Our suicide bereavement service is there to listen and assist you emotionally and with any practical concerns that may arise following a suicide or suspected suicide death.

While bereavement is always difficult, losing someone to suicide or suspected suicide may be particularly distressing for family, friends, coworkers, and the wider community.

The extra complexity of a suicide loss can leave people left behind with unanswered concerns, complicated and confused emotions, as well as the responsibility for practical problems that may need to be addressed following the death. http://mediationeurope.net/

2) Wellbeing Services

Our wellness clubs provide activities centred on the Five Ways to Wellbeing: connecting, being active, taking attention, continuing education, and giving.

Through activities such as painting, crafting, cooking, interactive games, and group conversation, we want to improve your wellness and mood. When feasible, groups may go on outings and day trips to participate in activities such as walking, bowling, or visiting the beach.

3) Children and Young People’s Services

Mind's services for children and adolescents are divided into two categories:

Education in Mental Health

We work with children ages four to eighteen in a variety of settings, including infant, primary, and secondary schools, colleges, and universities, as well as youth and sports organisations. We provide a variety of educational opportunities, including assemblies, workshops, and full-day training programmes.

Peer Assistance in Schools

This service is provided to all schools, elementary and high. Our team will teach sixth formers or Year 5/6 pupils in mental health awareness and prepare them to serve as Peer Supporters to younger students. https://workplacemediations.co.uk/